About Me

Hmmm, where to start? Beautiful words and spicy Thai food have my heart. And I relish strange, empty places and big ideas and possess a fondness for whiskey, unbounded laughter and deep conversation. I so cherish that in my career as a photographer time with people, hearing stories and making art are regular parts of my day. And, I’d love nothing more than to carve out a slice of the universe for you to celebrate your journey and embrace the wildly, necessarily unique presence you possess. My goal is that you leave our time together feeling buoyant and inspired to share your fullness with the world. And then, maybe afterward, let’s grab a whiskey and share some belly laughs.

About You

You're a wilderness seeker with big dreams and an appreciation for the silly. You thrive in simplicity and prefer authenticity over perfection. You experience life deeply and savor its fleeting moments, which is why you’re seriously invested in finding a photographer whose work you love and with whom you feel an easy connection. As you should be! Search high and low, and settle for nothing less. Wander over to my contact page to get in touch.